Country Day School at Providence


This school serves as an incubator which enhances learning and reflects the philosophy of the educators. The building is sited to take advantage of its proximity to nature and teachers can open a door from any classroom and lead their students directly to nearby fields, woods, and streams to learn about nature first hand.

One enters the school building through a foyer flanked by administrative spaces, which opens into a grand room known as the Piazza. This is the hub of the school. It is the library, the music recital hall, as well as the assembly space for the school. From this hub the elementary wing is extended to the east and the middle school wing to the west. Both wings contain classrooms, restrooms, and an atelier. 

Extruded to the north is the Preschool wing. This wing has its own pick-up area and controlled entrance as well as an observation loft which can be utilized by both parents and teachers. In addition to the ultimate amenity of nature, the campus also includes a gymnasium, a soccer field, and a fenced playground. All parts of the campus are integrated to enhance the student’s learning experience.

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