Mac Resource Center


After building the business over several years the clients decided to take the next step in their growth, building a new facility in a premium location. They retained a builder and architect, and together, they established priorities – maximizing their return on investment, designing a functional space plan, and providing for good visibility.

The building size was maximized, accounting for site features, zoning requirements, and parking requirements. Space was allocated for the MacResource fit-out. The balance of the building space was deemed lease space. The slope of the site allowed for a two story building with both floors opening to grade. The retail, service, and administrative area are on the main floor. The retail area contains contemporary millwork and fixtures within an interior shell clad with simple materials such as ceramic tile floors, painted and plastic resin walls, and acoustical tile ceilings.

The use of such materials combined with simple detailing, allow the emphasis to be on Apples’ innovative high-design products. The downstairs training room allows for training of large groups, often sent from nearby high tech companies. The street-facing facade was designed with as much glass as possible. The main floor elevation was positioned so that passersby can see into the store at eye level. A large sign, the familiar Apple logo, is prominently displayed over the main doors.

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