Produkt Glas


Produkt Glas quickly outgrew its small original space and soon secured a larger space in a nearby industrial building. The client desired the ability to showcase their products and enlisted the aid of our firm. It was quickly decided that the existing walls and ceilings, which fragmented the space into small offices, had to go. The exception was the central core, which remained and was extruded to the roof. It now contains the servant spaces – the restrooms, mechanical equipment, a kitchen and the copy room. The new offices, sporting glass panel walls, were arranged askew, about the core, so that the products can be displayed in a more dramatic manner. The offices are juxtaposed so that as many detail conditions as possible are revealed – inside corners, outside corners, glass abutting wall, glass connecting to the ceiling, glass abutting glass, etc. Floors, walls and ceilings are painted white so that the focus of space remains on the products. Pops of color exist only in furniture and accessories. The warmth of wood beams is threaded through the space at strategic locations. Volume is achieved by opening the spaces to the roof structure wherever possible. The resulting dynamic interior contrasts drastically with the drab industrial exterior, causing visitors to enter the space and pause, in stunned appreciation.

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