Revitalized Rancher


The owners had no difficulty in finding the right neighborhood in which to dwell. Unfortunately, no vacant lots remained. When an existing house became available they purchased it, even though it was far from their dream house. The house was clad with pink brick and had few fenestrations, resulting in dark and depressing interior spaces. It was also a resource hog. Given these conditions, the Architect set about completely modernizing the house.

The roof and exterior walls, for the most part, remained. Interior walls were demolished to open up interior spaces. Perhaps the most radical change was the addition of a series of vaulted spaces that bisect the house, provide interior volume, and embrace the exterior. A prominent porch was added to the front and a covered deck, replacing a leaking screened porch, was added to the back. Cleverly concealed beams allowed existing 8 foot ceilings to step up in the Master Bedroom and Dining Area. Spare detailing and contemporary styling were used throughout. Brick was painted and a new roof surface installed. Windows were added and existing windows replaced. The result of these aesthetic and functional changes is a house reborn – the quality, sustainable, contemporary home that the Clients desired, but were unsure was possible.

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