University Center Addition


Lack of adequate dining space was the promulgator for this project. Research revealed that existing kitchen facilities would be capable of handling many more students so additional dining space should be added to increase its capacity.

The design solution included exterior walls dominated by glass, a ceiling that pops up and is punctuated by skylights, and flooring that visually connects the new and old spaces. Another design challenge involved a basement level bookstore which was underutilized and largely hidden from view. A light steel stair with cable rails was added to connect the lobby and the bookstore. From the exterior, a fountain and glass bridge were added to encourage student interaction. The plaza stair is covered by an arched translucent canopy which invites passersby to the bookstore. The entrance into the existing late-modern building was difficult to find. A new translucent entrance element was added at a primary access point and a second entrance element was added on the axis of a future boulevard. Both entrance elements feature curved roofs which project above the existing building and are conspicuous due to their contrasting geometry. Students and visitors are now able to navigate the building more intuitively and can be assured of having a pleasant and generous space in which to dine.

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